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  • ·SME international marketing fund management approach

    SME international marketing fund management approachCai Qi [2010] No. 87Chapter I General ProvisionsThe first is to strengthen the SMEs explore international market development funds (hereinafter referred to as market development fun...
  • ·Four-step process to master U.S. exhibitors

    Exhibitors Step one: Select exhibition The United States as much as dazzling exhibition, exhibits all-inclusive. Exhibitions have regional, national, and international. Such as the annual International Toy Fair in Manhattan and ...
  • ·How to play the show's biggest utility

    Trade show gathered a large number of products and businesses, to make their own businesses and products in the industry come to the fore, so that customers keep in mind that the most important thing is to highlight the "dif...
  • ·12 tips for successful exhibiting

    Exhibitors are very effective traditional marketing channels, buyers and sellers will be concentrated within a few days of high-density contact. Generally speaking, show high investment, time is short, how to make good use of the...
  • ·Where differences between European and American style Fair

    By geographical and historical traditions cultural factors, the world's exhibition presents significant geographical features, with their different style of the whole exhibition, exhibitions in Europe and America quality, effective...
  • ·How to exhibitors at the exhibition surprise move

    The choice of venue stallChoosing the right venue is an important part of the plan exhibitors. The first consideration is the flow of the crowd, to understand the crowd in the direction of movement throughout the fairgrounds, ...
  • ·Chinese enterprises overseas exhibitors should focus on doing a lot of work to p

    With more and more Chinese enterprises "going out" strategy, to go abroad overseas exhibitors have become these companies to sell products, to seek orders, exchanges with international counterparts an important way. Various cost a...
  • ·Exhibits abroad transportation, insurance and handling after the show

    How to exhibit safe, timely, economically transported to the participating countries of the pavilion, and re-transported back? Generally discretionary Sinotrans companies (Sinotrans company usually has its place in the development of...
  • ·How to effectively improve the show in the company's reputation

    In certain scale exhibition, the hundreds of booths piled up together, there may be tens of thousands of exhibitors and visitors flocked to visit how to get more notice that your company did buy a little effort it takes. In...
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