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Held in time: 2020-07-01 To 2020-07-04 Venue: VIETNAM
Trade: Office/toys/gifts/consumer goo Organizers: Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam
Holding period: 1年1届 Year exhibition:
Gallery: Hanoi International Exhibition Center Open Objects:
First held: Exhibition area:
  • Machinery and electronics: machinery and equipment, construction machinery, chemical products, electronics and electrical products, computers and communication products, consumer electronics, hand tools and hardware
  • Agricultural products, food and beverages: coffee, tea, milk, honey, rice, cashews, pepper, cola, vegetables, poultry meat and eggs, seafood, frozen food, nutrition shipping, beer and other beverages
  • Household: furniture, knitwear, rattan bamboo products, wooden and iron products, ordinary ceramic products, kitchen tableware, cosmetics, sanitary bathroom products, home textiles, sundries, carpets and tapestries, glass crafts, home decoration,Lighting equipment, gifts
  • Leather bags: leather raw materials, leatherette boxes, plastic-spun face boxes, full leather briefcases, leatherette briefcases, full leather bags, artificial leather bags, cotton bags, plastic-spun bread bags, other bags and accessories
  • Consumer electronics: color TVs, set-top boxes, DVDs, stereos, projections, audiovisual products and accessories, etc .; mobile phones and accessories, digital entertainment, storage, Internet access, Bluetooth, vehicle electronics communication, etc .; computers, network products, office automation and supporting products,Computer peripheral products, software, ISP, ICP, etc.
Exhibition Profile: Vietnam International Trade Fair (VIETNAM EXPO) is one of the two annual fairs directly sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam. It is held in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City each year, and is an international exhibition with the theme of promotion of import and export trade.

The fair is also one of the two largest expositions in Vietnam with the largest scale, strongest influence and the highest degree of internationalization.The Hanoi International Trade Fair in Vietnam has made significant contributions to the directional development of Vietnam's economy, and has brought good business opportunities to domestic and foreign exhibitors in various businesses such as economic cooperation, technology transfer, investment, trade negotiations, import and export trade, and product agency, Is the best platform for foreign exhibitors, trade agencies, economic organizations, investors, exhibitors to focus on exchanges and cooperation.

VIETNAM EXPO, the last international exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam, covers a total area of ​​12,000 square meters. 300 exhibiting companies are from China, the United States, Malaysia, Russia, Dubai, Spain, etc. The number of exhibitors reached 21,500.

VIETNAM EXPO in Hanoi, Vietnam provides exhibitors with an opportunity to communicate face-to-face with experts in the industry and purchase decision-makers, as well as learn about the latest developments in the industry and product technology.

China Group Exhibition: Beijing LandMark International Exhibition Co., Ltd. 
Tel: 010-65221227 
Web: www.win-wins.com

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