2020 ExpoCamacol

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Held in time: 2020-08-26 To 2020-08-29 Venue: Colombia
Trade: Building Materials / Construct Organizers: Colombia FeriasCamacol Exhibition Company
Holding period: Once a year Year exhibition:
Gallery: Plaza Mayor Convention Center Open Objects:
First held: Exhibition area:
  • Construction equipment: building materials equipment, construction machinery equipment, ceramics and stone machinery, heating and ventilation equipment, glass door and window processing manufacturing machinery, mining machinery, concrete machinery, construction equipment and tools, etc.
  • Construction materials: ceramics, tiles, plates, steel, roof trusses,Stair railings, structural members, roofs, waterproof materials, thermal insulation materials, photovoltaic solar main structural materials, stone materials, marble, granite, mosaics, etc.
  • Glass and window glass: wooden doors and windows, iron doors and windows, steel and wood doors and windows, aluminum doors and windows, Blinds, glass products, various sealing materials and other
  • interior decoration: carpets, wooden floors, floor tiles, wall tiles, wall paint, wallpaper and other wall materials, ceilings, insulation materials, interior decorations, paint coatings, furniture, home textiles, curtains
  • Kitchen and bathroom appliances: kitchen appliances and equipment, range hoods, modern kitchens, cabinets, water purifiers, bathtubs, water heaters, bathroom equipment and hardware pendants, toilets, faucets, valve fittings, pipes, household appliances, etc.
  • HVAC: air-conditioning systems, solar technology, fuel and gas installations, thermal energy recycling and utilization, air heaters, ventilators, heat exchangers, boiler equipment, fuel and processing equipment, pumping equipment, etc.
  • Electrical lighting: electrical equipment, indoor and outdoor lighting, electrical switches, sockets and other electrical control components, wires and cables, etc.
  • Construction hardware: water nozzle, plumbing equipment, sanitary ware hardware accessories, door and window hardware accessories, valves, fasteners, standard parts, iron nails, metal wire mesh, hardware tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, abrasive tools, welding equipment, etc.
  • Other related: security equipment, building automation equipment, plumbing technology and water treatment, architectural design and planning, horticulture and environmental planning, interior design, construction technology, etc.
Exhibition Profile: The Colombian Medellin International Building Materials, Construction Machinery and Building Design Exhibition (ExpoCamacol) is Colombia's prestigious building materials and building exhibition.

Hosted by the Colombian FeriasCamacol Exhibition Company, with the support of the Colombian Chamber of Commerce, the major news media and newspapers and magazines promote it.

It was first established in 1970 and is held every two years.Among them, EXPAMACOCOL is hosted by major news media and newspapers and magazines, and its influence is huge, and it has become many headlines and news resources.

The total area of the last exhibition was 24,000 square meters, and 417 exhibitors were from the United States, Mexico, India, Dubai, Thailand, China, Chile, Spain, etc.

The number of exhibitors reached 45,265.The exhibition provides the best construction industry business and brings together products and services from various segments of the construction industry chain. It is one of the most important exhibitions for companies in South America.

China Group Exhibition: Beijing LandMark International Exhibition Co., Ltd. 
Tel: 010-65221227 
Web: www.win-wins.com
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