2020 Pyongyang International Green Building Materials and Furniture Exhibition

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Held in time: 2020-10-26 To 2020-10-29 Venue: Korea
Trade: Furniture / Machinery / Commo Organizers: Korea International Exhibition Agency (KIEC)
Holding period: Once a year Year exhibition:
Gallery: Pyongyang Three Revolutions Exhibition Hall Open Objects:
First held: Exhibition area:
  • Furniture: Doors, windows, toilet hygiene products, bathroom toiletries, kitchen appliances, beds, cabinets, sofas and tables and chairs, office appliances, theater hall supplies, hotel store furniture, and furniture production and processing equipment
  • Building technology: green building technology, building energy saving and environmental protection technology, building intelligent technology, outdoor interior decoration construction technology, building acoustics and sight effect technology, etc.
  • Building materials: Cement, components, thermal insulation materials, steel construction, wood, plastic and other basic building materials, tiles, stone, glass, coatings, adhesives, flooring, ceiling and roof materials, sound damping building materials, antibacterial building materials, functional combination building materials,Various pipes and other decoration building materials, mechanical processing equipment, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, electrical lighting equipment, etc.
Exhibition Profile: Pyongyang International Green Building Materials and Furniture Exhibition is the most influential building materials and furniture exhibition in North Korea.It is hosted by KIEC and is strongly supported by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's Ministry of Trade, the Chamber of Commerce, and the People's Committee of Pyongyang.

The total area of ​​the last exhibition was 8,500 square meters. 190 exhibiting companies were from China, Malaysia, India, Poland, Germany, Cuba, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, etc. The number of participants reached 6,000.Among them, the China Pavilion exhibited a total area of ​​nearly 1080 square meters and more than 80 exhibitors, mainly exhibiting vehicles / accessories, agricultural machinery, diesel generators, food machinery, various processing and manufacturing machinery, sewing machines, packaging machinery, home appliances, and light industry.

Products, daily necessities, etc.Among them, Haier, Midea, Aucma, Gree, Xinfei, Sinotruk, Jinbei Automobile, XCMG, Lifan, Zongshen, etc. all appeared at the exhibition, which greatly promoted the corporate image and obtained good trade opportunities.

China Group Exhibition: Beijing LandMark International Exhibition Co., Ltd. 
Tel: 010-65221227 
Web: www.win-wins.com

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